Smart Home Gardening Kit

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Indoor Plant-Growing Light and Hydroponic Circulation System

Bring the joy and nature of gardening indoors! No mess, no outdoor space, and no hard labor necessary. The Smart Home Gardening Kit has been uniquely designed with an effective growth light and hydrating circulation system to help your favorite plants and herbs to grow faster than outdoors in traditional soil.

High Performance Growing Light

The smart planter kit uses an intelligent LED light system to simulate sunlight and achieve the best weather conditions possible for promoting plant photosynthesis. The perfectly sized smart planter can be placed in the kitchen, bedroom, office or anywhere else that could use some beautiful, naturally purifying plant life! 3 Smart Modes: The intelligent planter offers 3 Smart Planting Modes. Each mode is programmed with automatically scheduled ON and OFF settings and is suitable for different stages of growth. Normal Mode: 14 Hours ON and 10 Hours OFF Cycle; with red, blue and white LED lights. Suitable for plant germination and flowering stages. Growth Mode: 16 Hours ON and 8 hours OFF Cycle; with red and white LED lights. Suitable for the germination stage. Viewing Mode: 12 hours ON and 12 hours OFF; with 50% red and white LED lights. Suitable for budding, flowering, and harvesting stages. The lighting in this mode will be adapted to create a more beautiful display.

Dual Pump Circulation Modes

With a scientifically researched and supported Hydroponic Circulation System, your plants will obtain the most adequate oxygen and nutrient levels possible; for sustainable and expedited growth conditions! In Normal Mode, the water flow of the machine runs for 5 consecutive minutes and pauses for 30 minutes. Press and hold the "switch" for 5 seconds to turn the water flow in the machine to Sleep Mode. In Sleep Mode, the water flow will be turned off for 12 hours before automatically returning to the Normal Mode cycle. This smart, household and family friendly programming allows you to rest in absolute silence without compromising your plants’ health.

Customizable and Height-Adjustable

The Smart Home Gardening Kit comes with a fully height-changeable, extendable lighting panel. The height can be precisely adjusted for plants of varying sizes and growth stages; allowing different plants absorb the spectral energy of the LED light needed to promote growth. You can plant up to 7 kinds of plants at the same time, measuring up to 13.3 inches (about 33.0 cm).


Product Specifications

-Product size: 140 x 348 x 502(mm)

-Product weight: 2 kg

-Water tank capacity: 5 liters

-Power consumption: 24W

-Volume: 40 decibels



1) For electronic safety reasons, do NOT use extra power adapters or extension cords.

2) Do NOT touch the internally-stored water when the LED light is ON.

3) If water is spilled, please wipe it dry immediately and carefully as to avoid potential dangers.

4) Please turn OFF the power before changing the water.

5) Please use regular, tap or distilled water. Do NOT use ionized or soft water.

6) Please ensure there are 4.5-5 liters of fresh water in the smart planter at all times.