RENPHO is a global brand specializing in Health, Wellness and Fitness innovations, founded in California during 2015. We are recognized worldwide as the No.1 Best-Seller in Health and Wellness and for our No.1 Best-Selling Smart Body Fat Scales on Amazon .

Our mission is to offer superior-quality products to promote “Smart, Healthy Living” to customers all over the world. We take pride in the quality of our goods, which are meticulously developed and perfected by our R&D Team. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the most premium products, affordable prices, reliable delivery, and dependable services. We have built up over 7 million happy customers who have purchased our products and remained supportive RENPHO fans!


In 2019, RENPHO achieved recognition among Amazon’s Top 100 Brands with 100,000+ positive client product reviews. As such, our RENPHO worldwide operations have now surpassed 10 Amazon Global Distribution Channels. This is just the beginning for RENPHO. Through our R&D, Ambassador Programs, and social media presence, the RENPHO brand family will continue to grow as we achieve our resolve: to deliver the highest-quality innovations to the health, wellness, and fitness industries around the world.