Titanium Alloy Pro Massage Gun

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Professional DMS (Deep Muscle Stimulating) Massage Gun

Powerful 580 mN.m ultra-high-speed torque with a 60W brushless motor. Fitted with 3 Titanium Alloy Head Attachments to ensure the deepest, percussive tissue massage. Effectively relieve muscle pain and tension to accelerate recovery and stimulate growth.

Powerful Massage Gun Force

Delivering up to 61 pounds of force, the Renpho Pro Massage Gun precisely targets your muscles and provides a 90% stronger massage force than other brands. The 5 Massage Speeds achieve up to 3200 RPM, to help reach even the deepest muscular tissue and achieve the quickest recovery; while using as muscle relaxation after exercise. Because of the Strongest percussion of this massage gun, more suitable for professional athletes or people who exercise frequently.

Safe, Long-Lasting World-Class Battery

The RENPHO Pro Massage Gun is powered by a Lithium-Ion Battery innovation from world's top electric vehicle supplier. The 2500mAh Li-ion Battery is internally separated among 6 capsules and designed to maximize battery life safely. The capacity can be maintained at more than 80% capacity, even after 500 full charges and battery drains. 3 hours of charging time can provide battery life for over 180 mins of continuous use.

Unique Titanium Alloy Reinforced Massage Heads

Comes with 3 corrosion resistant and anti-fall titanium alloy Massager Head attachments. These titanium heads enable the RENPHO Pro Massage Gun to strengthen and deepen the percussion impact. Note: Do not use it on the bone! It is recommended to use a towel (included) between the gun and muscle while massaging.

Whisper-Quiet Operation & Noise Reduction Technology

The German Brushless Motor muffles noise 75% more effectively than other name brand massagers (achieving a volume below 54dB). The RENPHO Pro Massage Gun is quiet enough for use at the office, at home, or even at the gym without drawing stares or bothering those around you.


1. This is Professional DMS (Deep Muscle Stimulating) massage gun More suitable for professional athletes or people who exercise frequently

2. Because the strongest and deepest percussion of the massage gun, the elderly and children may not be suitable for using it.

3. If you feel unwell during use, please stop using it immediately.

4. It is recommended to use it from the first level speed and use with a towel, Do not use it on the bone!